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Thread: question on custom kernels

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    question on custom kernels

    is it possible to use custom compiled kernels without doing the prom mod? My questions are specific to monte but the only thing i can figure on how to use monte is the sleeper iso which im reading that it shouldnt be used anymore.

    My main goal is to get linux usb host-to-host working with rndis/microsoft, but that requires special kernel support for usb (wont work as a module)

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    you can use custom kernels with no prom mod only if your hardware platform can boot a killhdinitrd'd kernel. this includes everything up to and including the series 2 machines; the so-called "series 2.5" (nightlight) and later machines require a prom hack, period.

    which hardware do you have?


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    I have a HR10-250 and have done the killhdinitrd on a 7.2.2-oth kernel and have got that installed.

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    The only way to boot a custom kernel without a prom mod is to use a monte or chainload setup. IMHO, NutKase's post here is one of the better posts about monte. Common reasons for monteing these days are to keep using stock tivo usb network drivers or for better network performance etc. using custom kernels. In essence, all you need to do for monte is:

    1. Obtain the correct versions of 'monte', 'kmonte.o' and your custom kernel and place these somewhere on your tivo.
    2. Create a "bogus" rc.sysinit "wrapper" script that will load your monte kernel and then call your "real" rc.sysinit to complete the boot.
    3. Rename the appropriate rc.* files to match your script and kernel names.
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