I finally allowed my dtivo to upgrade from 3.1.1b to 6.3e today. I did this by editing InstallSw.tcl to not reboot, and then I put a killed 3.1.5 kernel into the appropriate kernel partition, and the only hack I applied within 6.3e was to have an rc.sysinit.author file launch the interactive bash session on the serial port.

Anyways, playing around with the tivo controls, I find things to be ***EXTREMELY SLUGGISH***. If I am watching live tv and hit "List" on the remote, it can take 10-15 seconds for the Now Playing List to finally appear. In addition, audio/video becomes choppy and skippy during any times that I attempt to use the remote. It seems like remote control commands cause the tivo to go under a horrendous process load.

So my question is can this be fixed? Should I clear and delete the MFS? Or is this what life under a 6.x dtivo is supposed to be like -- in which case I'll just downgrade back to my backed up 3.1.1b.