I have a bunch of very, very old DTivo files on hard disk, all time-shifted from series 1 DTivos. Some tmf, some ty+. Many of these shows are irreplacable.

I have not had an active Tivo s1 for several years. At the moment I have only HR10-250s (and s3s).

Trying to bring these old files back to the HR10-250s or convert them to mpegs, many of them do not survive tmf2ty and ty1to2, mostly audio problems. No audio, partial audio. Also some of the files cause HR10-250 reboots and/or the shows don't fast forward/rewind (freeze when trying).

So I want to hook up an old s1 Tivo (I have a storage room full of them, all with ethernet cards installed). Either just to upload from hard drive and watch the shows, or attempt to upload and then download to mpeg via one of the modern tools such as TySuiteJ.

Am I better off firing up an old series 1 SA Tivo, or an s1 DTivo, or doesn't it make any difference?