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Thread: DirecTV HDDVR No Cost Swap

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    Still can't get them to swap out my sd-dvr's for hd-dvr's. But when I called the other day to have my service moved at the end of the month, they did say that I could get one hd-dvr for $99.00 because that was the price for new customers. They did lower the price of the hd-dvr's to $199.

    I think that I'll stick with my sd-dvr's for the time being. I'm not too impressed with their HD line up just yet. We don't watch sports, except for NASCAR and I don't pay for any premium channels.
    C ranky...

    Phillips DSR704 250 gig unhacked
    DirectTV R10 400 gig unhacked
    RCA DVR40 unhacked running DSR704 software
    RCA DVR40 unhacked
    DirectTV R-15 unhacked

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    Quote Originally Posted by alfonzotan View Post
    Just an FYI and a bump, I got a no-charge upgrade installed last week. I called the DTV number and kept repeating that we'd been promised a no-cost swap to the MPEG4 units back when they were announced, and the rep at customer support finally agreed.

    Of course, I say that before I actually have the bill with the credit in my hands, but...

    I kept my thoroughly-hacked HR10-250, it's in the same rack with the HR21-700, and still working fine. I'll hang on to it as long as the MPEG2 HD channels remain active.
    As I kind-of feared, I spoke too soon. When my DTV bill arrived, it had a $299 charge for the new box, but no credit. Half an hour on the phone later, the rep claimed she couldn't find any reference in the account to a full credit due. She eventually gave me a $199 credit up front plus a year of free HD ($120 value) and tacked on three months of free HBO as an apology for the hassle.

    I guess I'm satisfied with the outcome, but sheesh, you shouldn't have to go through all this, especially after DTV made it a point to swear the HR10-250 purchasers would get a straight-up swap.

    Oh, and the installer botched the dish alignment. Channels start dropping out at the first hint of moisture in the atmosphere; I'm meeting a tech this morning to get it fixed...

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