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Thread: Freezing and rebooting

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    Freezing and rebooting

    My HR10-250 that I hacked this past spring started freezing and rebooting itself frequently a couple of days ago. I'm not sure where to start or what to check to get this figured out. Can anyone offer any advice as to where I should start looking?

    The symptoms are that it will reboot itself and work ok for a while (less that an hour) then start freezing and eventually reboot itself. When it comes up it has a message saying "The recorder was not able to find infomormation for all channels" the menu then has "Try again to aquire information".

    I have tried to hook up the serial cable to get a boot log, but that does not work either. I am able to access it via network until it starts acting up.

    Any ideas??


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    1. Post in the correct forum (this is for non-TiVo DVRs like the HR20).

    2. Attach the kernel log to the new post.

    There's a difference between needing help, and just being plain ole' lazy.

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