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Thread: Series 2 reboots after looking at TODO item description

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    Series 2 reboots after looking at TODO item description

    I have a 140060 with 9.1, hacked but not superpatched. Tivo seemed normal and even records some shows from Tivo suggestions. But if I go into the "to do" list and look at a shows description and then click the select button to return the screen clears to the green background and then Tivo reboots. I've done a clear and delete everything but the problem persists. Anyone got any suggestions or where to start looking for clues?


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    The log file, particularly the kernel log is the place to start. Log files are /var/log.

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    Tried clearing todo list and season passes and now it seems to be OK this time. Still havingprblems with the network dying but this issue is resolved

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    For what it is worth I just encountered the exact same problem. Did the update everything was fine, superpatched and after reboot the just a few more minutes screen forever.

    Unfortunately, restoring back to original tivoapp has not help me. I am running spinrite at the moment to see if I have disk problems.

    At this point I am afraid to superpatch my other system.
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