I guess it's ok to talk about now.

So a few weeks back, I noticed my upstairs TiVo HD wasn't updating its software package, but my downstairs was.

In fact, my downstairs updated and gave me news about how I could now attach an eSATA device, and told me to go to to find out more.

I went there, and it said, "Check back later".

Well since my other HD wasn't updating, and was on 8.something while my other was on 9.2, I called. And I found out that I should *never* have gotten the 9.2 update downstairs, and they couldn't tell me more, and had been told that anyone who leaked info about the new plans would be fired.

Well fine, I didn't have to, but I kept my mouth shut, but now that the news is on the site... YAY! Warranty safe drive upgrades!!

(Oh and my upstairs unit finally DID update to 9.1)