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    s3 extraction non-technical discussion

    edit: these posts were split from the s3tots discussion in the s3 support forum - ronnythunder
    Well, now that the clarification is out of the way, I have two things to say:

    1. This is HUGE. Prior to this, there has been NO reasonably efficient and/or user-friendly mechanism to do scheduled recordings of premium HD content in full resolution. Sure, there are nice OTA solutions with cap cards, and yes, there are some extremely arcane and expensive methods involving custom modifications to _very specific_ STBs. And even those methods had little or no automation capability (scheduling a PC macro to fire off a low-probability IR sequence ? Good luck...) and were extremely vulnerable to providers changing the environment and rendering days and weeks of tweaking totally useless.

    I came to the conclusion that there were only two reasonable methods for automated, user-friendly recording of premium HD content, and those were: a deCSS-style break in the actual cablecards themselves, such that one could record directly off the cablecard with no STB, etc. OR the ability to offload HD/S3 tivo programs without DRM. And now it looks like we have one of those two.

    2. Recognize, TIVO (and other companies)! Recognize that I would have paid any dollar amount for a box that did the above, but was unwilling to pay even one dollar for a box that didn't. The reason I don't have an S3 tivo isn't the price, or some feature issue, etc. - the reason was that the device was _worthless_ without the ability to move the shows off to an arbitrary device in full resolution.

    Your product is "defective by design" and I will not pay for it unless I can remove that defect. Yesterday you could not get my money. Today you will. Wake up and realize that whatever money the industry _thinks_ it is saving with its lame (and now broken) DRM is a lesser amount than the amount it is losing by non-adopters.

    How many people have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on alternative (myth, Sage, HTPC) setups just because they couldn't work with your locked up, broken systems ? How many of them would gladly have paid an extra 1 or 2 or 300 dollars for a Tivo that actually functioned instead of spending money and hundreds of hours on building their own ?
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