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Thread: Upgrade from 6.3c to 6.3e?

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    Evidently they are now being made available again by d* via phone download to resolve the latest mess. I just checked MFS, they weren't there, then forced a dialup (network) connection and had the slices. Same for both boxes. Been trying this for 3 months. Guess D* re-released them via dialup only.
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    I would suggest forcing a call to TiVo, then watch to see if it downloads any files (IIRC, they are stored in /var/packages). You should see several files that start with GZcore, GZkernel, and swsystem, and ending with .slice.gz.
    If you see them being downloaded, copy them to another directory ( /var/save) as they download. If they are downloaded, but do not appear in /SwSystem it is time to look through the logs to see what went wrong. It would be a good idea to delete all of the files in /var/log before forcing the call - the more free space and less you have to look through, the better.


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    okay, double checking

    After digging deeper I just punted and used slicer ... worked fine
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    I need to force a call, but it has been disabled for more than a year and I don't remember (for sure) how to "force a dialup call".
    I THINK I use telnet, log on, and issue a bootpage -p , and when it gives me:

    No device name given, assuming /dev/hda
    root=/dev/hda4 dsscon=true console=2,115200 upgradesoftware=false

    I then issue this:
    bootpage -P root=/dev/hda4 dsscon=true console=2,115200

    and I get:
    No device name given, assuming /dev/hda
    Updated boot page on /dev/hda

    So I then (to verify it "took") issue a
    bootpage -p

    and get:
    No device name given, assuming /dev/hda

    I am on ATT Callvantage so I can't use my house for dialup, BUT my neighbor has agreed to let me drag my HR10-250 and a TV set over to his garage tomorrow morning, and have it try to dial in to get the update since he still has the good old ma bell telephone line service.

    Please - what else do I need to do to "force a dialup" to get the 63e version- these reboots are KILLING me and my recordings.....)

    Under system information, I have a brand 400, series 2, IRD HR10-250, with a version of 6.3d-01-2-357 .
    Being in Austin, TX, my phone dial-in number is set to 586-0005, a valid number for the 512 area code/Austin, so if I can "force" it to dial, it should get 'er done.

    I have searched a BOATLOAD of threads up here but cannot find a truly clear set of checklist - type items for taking a hacked (but long forgotten) machine that has been chugging away fine until these reboots started in, and making it "force a call".
    Sure would appreciate any tips that would let me cart the junk over to my neighbors tomorrow morning in the dawn's early light and get verison 6.3e downloaded and then the upgrade run...
    Thanks to those with the patience to answer and help me out.

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    You force a daily call from the menus. For 6.2 I would (hit the DirecTV button) > DirecTV Central > Messages & Setup > Settings > Phone > Connect to the DVR service now > (hit Select)

    6.3 might be slightly different.

    There's a difference between needing help, and just being plain ole' lazy.

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    For those with HR10-250 units lacking the 6.3e slices. You can grab them here.

    After dbloading them, you can always kick off a manual upgrade.

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