I messed up royally. I did an in place upgrade from 6.3c to 6.3e, but evidently fat fingered dd'ing the kernel.

All hacks, including tivoapp, were wiped. I pulled the drive and
reset the bootpage, again spacing on the obvious fact that I messed
up the kernel copy. I watch the next boot over the serial cable
and watched all the hacks on 6.3c, including tivoapp, disappear.

Since I was pretty much dead in the water, I downloaded a liveCD
to try and fix my mistakes. Some progress was made, but the
system is now in a reboot loop, claiming a shared library was not
found. One hint might be that the system/platform is listed as
unknown during the boot process, and I thought it was supposed
to be 'Phoenix' for one of those.

I choose the 7.2.2 kernel that came with the live CD, which may be
my mistake.

So hat in hand, I am here asking for help. Do to an odd series of
mishaps, I need to burn CDs will all software and tools that I will need
during the repair effort. So far I have:
- Various hacked kernels
- Jamie's backported usb drivers
- Replacement tivoapp
- The tivotools busybox collection

What else might I need?