After applying the NoCSO patch to my TivoHD I got this error running ciphercheck:
Not a TiVo super block! (magic=0xebbafeed)
I'm thinking back to when I first tried to back up my original drive using WinMFS and a Rosewill SATA to IDE converter, I got an error about "Cannot read Tivo super header!"
I think I also mounted it using the normal MFSLive cd as well although I didn't write anything to the drive.

Anyway I posted over at MFSLive and Spike said he didn't think WinMFS worked with that adapter. Ok, bought a Rosewill SATA to USB adapter and successfully backed up and restored my drive. Now I get this strange error running 'ciphercheck'.

So is there something borked with my drive and if so, how do I fix it? BTW, everything works fine otherwise on the Tivo - no glaring glitches.