My wifes uncle, currently has a S2 and gets the guide threw Tivo for his Time Warner Cable unencrypted cable.

He bought a new Vizio 42" tv, and when you use the tuner on that tv to scan for channels it locks up at 73%, and I exit out of it. But it seems to get a lot of channels, but of course NO GUIDE. It appears we need a box of some kind to get a guide. Whether it be Tivo or the Cable Compay box.

With this cable "not being encrypted" if we hook up the Tivo HD, will it be able to get all of the channels correct for their area?

Also didn't Tivo have a place to go to test what channels you would get if you went to that zip code?

Apparently this Tivo HD would work without a CABLE CARD if it is not encrypted, right?