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Thread: Just about as new as you can be......

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    Question Just about as new as you can be......

    I'm very new to Tivo... I got my t-60 yesterday...It's got 2.0 on it should I upgrade and how would I given the limitations below... Should I just wait for the extreme???

    I've had DTV systems for a couple years....
    I'm in Canada so Subs are out of the question...

    Can someone point me to some instructions to get rid of the nags... Or a good faq to start with ... I've been hoping the the Extreme for 2.5 T-60 would be available soon and been following that thread... Linux is not my specialty but I can learn just about anything...

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    You could go ahead and use v2.5Xtreme on the T60. The only difference is that you'd need to use a Phillips or Hughes TiVo remote and the wallpaper will read Phillips. You can get some universal remotes pre-programmed with the Phillips remote codes.

    If you want to do the T60 mods yourself, get a T60 image like the one out there called iceT60.
    Here's a faq ===>

    and Neutronflux howto ===>

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