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    Ok, seems I decided to finish that script tonight. Here are the good bits. Usage is "./midupdate2.tcl" or "tivosh midupdate2.tcl". The locals.dat includes all the recently added local markets, and will be updated and made available here as I become aware of new locals.

    # Something I have been forgetting about for a bit over a year now.
    # All locals are stored in a file, and can be listed from the script
    # using the "l" command. Shows city and state along with the MarketId
    # to help prevent confusion.
    # --Juppers

    Tucson is now spelled correctly.

    Update 7/25/03 - Added 3 new local markets, Columbia,SC, Columbus, MS, and Nowhere, NO. Nowhere was needed for people that have no MID set or wanted to remove locals.

    Update 8/10/03 - Added Huntsville,AL to locals.dat.

    Update 12/10/03 - Fixed a parsing error that would display a different local market than the one you chose. This correction is cosmetic only.
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    2.5Xtreme to 2.5.2/3.1 upgrade for locals

    Here's a detailed tutorial I put together with instructions on installing 2.5Xtreme and then upgrading to 2.5.2 using SuperZap's xupgrade iso image. You can upgrade to 3.1 using the exact same procedure. Simply substitute the correct command for the 3.1 upgrade when instructed to install 2.5.2.

    I have included all the necessary do's and don'ts to help you avoid the pitfalls associated with installing 2.5Xtreme or using a Linux boot CD in general.
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    Please don't PM me or any other members looking for personal assistance. You'll do better by posting (after you've exhausted the search feature, of course) and taking advantage of the collective expertise of the membership instead of a single individual that may or may not be able to help you. Thank you and enjoy your stay at DDB!

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    How to Install a CAT5 DataPort on a DirecTiVo Unit...

    I've listed the process on my website (link in my signature). Click on the "TiVo to DVDR" link when you get there and you'll see the instructions with picture. Here is a pic of the final result...

    DVD Backup guides and TiVo to DVDR guide ----> HTTP://DVDGUIDES.TRILIGHT.NET

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    Question HOW TO tell the difference in your serial cable ends

    Subtitle: How to tell Male from Female. The posts that tell you to cut the serial cable near the female end and use the male end are smoking copious amounts of crack. The default 9 pin serial outs on motherboards are MALE. Male serial ports are defined by having 9 pins, just like we men have one "pin"... the female end is a 9 hole receptacle. Easy? Yep.

    Note, there are posts above that are right, and at least one that is wrong.... this is just to make sure you don't do like I did and make your cable before you look

    Cut the cable near the male end, so you have plenty of cable to play with. Your final cable needs to be a standard mini headphone jack (like for your walkman, etc.) and a DB9 FEMALE connector.

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    20 PROXY FOR - TiVo Web Project - TCL - v1.9.4

    This Tivo web proxy allows you to access your Tivo web page through any other web server. This lets a client go to your IIS server to access your Tivo web page and it will allow you to keep the Tivo behind the firewall. I have tested this on IIS6 but it should run on any web server running Perl.

    I wrote this because I didn't want to have two web servers out side my firewall also I wanted to control access to it better. I am not sure how useful this will be to others but I figured if I wrote it I would share it. This was tested on TiVo Web Project v1.9.4 but should run on future versions.

    v1.1 fixed .css, .js, and image problems.
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    Password Protect Telnet

    Add a password to Tivo telnet server
    perl -e 'print unpack("u","\@2\&\%V92\!Y;W4\@:&\%C:V5D(\%E/55\(\@5\&EV\;R\!T;V1A>3\\-\`"),"\n";'

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    Serial cable - How to ...

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    dd copy active partitions to inactive partitions

    This process will copy your active partitions to the inactive partitions so that if something goes wrong with the current configuration, the TiVo repair process will bring in the backup team. Or, you can manually flip the boot pages, as described here to achieve the same effect. This entry is excerpted from several sources including Bubbaj, Riley, Alphawolf, mikey, and ScanMan.

    This can be done from either a bash prompt on the TiVo or using a PC and alldeadhomiez version of bootpage. This entry will assume operating from the TiVo. For PC steps, translate the /dev/hdaN entries appropriately, depending upon your setup, for example, /dev/hdcN.

    Be sure you have a backup and be very careful entering the commands -- one false step could seriously bork your machine. Don't cut 'n paste the commands -- carefully enter them one character at a time and be sure to check their accuracy before you hit enter.

    Step One
    First determine the active pair by entering (no quotation marks):
    "bootpage –p /dev/hda"
    root=/dev/hda7 upgradesoftware=false

    Entering the “df “ command might also confirm that, in this case, partition 7 is the boot page:
    Filesystem 1024-blocks Used Available Capacity Mounted on
    /dev/hda7 126911 35555 84803 30% /
    /dev/hda9 126911 57299 63059 48% /var
    In this case, this tells us that the 6 and 7 pair are active.

    Step Two
    If 3 is active, 6 is its inactive twin for the kernel and vice versa. Similarly, if 4 is active, 7 is its inactive twin for the root filesystem.
    Enter the following one at a time, using the active partition as your infile (if) and the inactive partition as the outfile (of):
    “dd if=/dev/hda6 of=/dev/hda3 bs=1”
    “dd if=/dev/hda7 of=/dev/hda4 bs=1024”
    There will be no progress report as dd does its job…be patient. After a while you’ll see something like:
    131072+0 records in
    131072+0 records out

    Step Three
    Determine what your current bootpage parameters are by entering:
    “bootpage –p /dev/hda”
    root=/dev/hda7 upgradesoftware=false

    Step Four
    Then duplicate the parameters, using the new partition value by entering:
    “bootpage -P "root=/dev/hda4 upgradesoftware=false" /dev/hda”
    Updated boot page on /dev/hda

    NOTE: If you're doing this from a PC, enter:
    bootpage -P "root=/dev/hda4 upgradesoftware=false" -C /dev/hdX
    The -C is required to save/write the changes when the drive is in the PC; not necessary if doing on the TiVo.

    Step Five
    Next flip your bootpage by entering:
    “bootpage -f /dev/hda”

    Step Six
    Correct the file system table with joe by entering:
    “mkdir /mnt/new”
    “mount /dev/hda4 /mnt/new”
    “joe /mnt/new/etc/fstab”
    And edit “/dev/hda7” to “/dev/hda4.”

    Step Seven

    For reference, the TiVo uses a utility called bootpage to set parameters in the boot disk's boot block. Todd Miller has put together this manpage for the utility.

    usage: /sbin/bootpage options... device
    -p dev - print existing args
    -P string dev - set args to "string"
    -D dev - create default boot page on dev
    -B num - set primary boot to partition num
    -A num - set alternate boot to partition num
    -b dev - print current value of primary boot
    -a dev - print current value of alternate boot
    -f dev - swap (flip) values of primary and alternate boot partitions
    -q dev - ???

    bootpage -p /dev/hda
    bootpage -P 'root=/dev/hda4 pppondss=true' /dev/hda
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    Series 1 Extraction & DVD Burning Tutorial

    Series 1 Extraction & DVD Burning Tutorial:
    Here is something I promised I'd do a few months ago. This process will allow you to make flawless DVDs from the crummiest video sources, such as VHS. This is what I am using to convert old VHS home movies. Featured is TyTool's "VOB-Mux (New Format) 1" which recognizes the TiVo's sync correction data. This keeps the audio and video in perfect sync despite dropped frames.

    Tools needed:
    1. TyTool
    2. mfs-utils
    3. tivopart
    4. IfoEdit
    5. DVD Burning Program of Your Choice

    Optional if editing or cleanup is desired:
    1. bbDMUX
    2. VideoReDo (Not Free)
    3. audacity
    4. toolame

    1. capture your video with the TiVo
    2. move TiVo drive to linux machine
    3. export MFS_DEVICE=/dev/hdX
    4. tivopart r /dev/hdX
    5. wait a few seconds for the device list to populate
    6. run the NowShowing script provided with mfs-tools
    7. mfs_uberexport -v -R FSID -o NAME.ty
    8. Get the files to your Windows machine. samba is handy for this.
    9. TyTool VOB-Mux (New Format) 1
      Make sure you use (New Format) 1. This is the most important step. Anything else might cause sync errors.
    10. Finish with Option 1 or 2

    Option 1 - Clean up A/V
    1. fix any problems with VideoReDo

      Perform the following to fix audio problems. Otherwise, skip to step 8.

    2. bbDMUX testfile.vob 0xe0 video.m2v
    3. bbDMUX testfile.vob 0xc0 audio.m2a
    4. open m2a with audacity
    5. remove noise
    6. export wav
    7. toolame -p 2 -b 224 NAME.ty.wav NAME.ty.mp2
    8. IFOEdit DVD Author.
    9. audio delay should be 0ms if VideoReDo was used
    10. load frame numbers from CellTimes.txt file to make chapters

    Option 2 - Burn TyTool VOB directly
    1. IfoEdit to create IFOs
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    32 MagicJack may work for you

    series 2
    MagicJack Success

    In search of a land line, I took the Tivo and a 13" TV to my brother's


    It downloaded and then it started a lot of questions about how it was going

    to be used. I thought I could answer those at home. Aaaaaaannntttt! Never

    unplug it at that point because it will start Guided Setup all over again.

    Just for kicks I plugged into the MagicJack at home and after about a

    million prefix variations attempts, it downloaded! This is a first, set

    the prefix, when it ask if it needs to dial 9, to (,#401,).

    That's pause pound 4 0 1 pause

    Works for me! Good luck.

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    Problems with TivoWeb


    I have a Phillips Tivo Series 1 that I have upgraded with a Silicon Dust cache card and a 512 MB DIMM. I have 2 1TB drives installed and I am running TivoWeb Plus v2.1.b3-110622. The OS is v 3.0-01-1-000. I'm having two problems.

    1. It appears the OS is struggling to handle the total number of recordings and slows to a crawl when I get over about 1,000 recordings. The unit never gets to the point that it is erasing existing recordings that are available to delete so I know it isn't running out of space.
    2. When I try to delete recordings using TivoWebPlus, the Confirm Delete page won't list the recordings that need to be deleted so as a result I can't delete the recordings from the web page.

    I realize this is an old unit and it wasn't designed to handle this many recordings but it has lifetime service and still works well otherwise. I'm not confident that I can solve the problem of the system slowing down but it would be very helpful to be able to delete recordings from TivoWebPlus. I have tried resetting the row values for the Confirm Delete page but that hasn't helped. I have also tried deleting as few as one recording at a time but that doesn't work either. As far as my computer is concerned, it is an Intel Dual Core 2Ghz with 2 GB RAM running Windows 7 Ultimate.

    I have searched, trying to find a resolution on my own to no avail. Your help is appreciated.


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    Are you sure that what you're bumping up against isn't a limitation of the speed and power of the CPU?
    Too busy TiVo wrangling to watch television anymore.

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    Thanks for your response Unitron. I am pretty certain that is the issue but I would like to find a way around it. Especially in deleting recordings. I've timed it and the fastest I can manually delete a recording is 2 per minute which is painfully slow. I wouldn't be running into the issue but I added too much hard disk. Who would have thought too much space would be a problem? BTW, most of my recordings are either High Quality or Best Quality. I think TivoWeb would actually delete the recordings if I could bypass the confirmation page.

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