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    Re: Cleaning your Logs files out...

    Originally posted by Taran
    Create a file in the /bin directory called "ClearLogs.tcl"

    Your file should look like this:
    rm -rf /var/log
    mkdir /var/log

    Now that you have created the file make sure to "chmod 777 ClearLogs.tcl"

    Now edit the "/tvlib/tcl/tv/TClient-lib.itcl" file.
    The line immediately following the "fixup02c.tcl" code insert:
    exec /bin/ClearLogs.tcl

    That should do it... The next time your Tivo (TRIES TO) makes a call it should clean out the log directory. You can test this by forcing the call then looking in the log directory.

    That's one way of doing it, but you need to keep in mind that syslogd needs to be HUP'd in order to get the logs going again (Remember, your removing the files syslogd has open & active pipes to).

    Here's a quick script I wrote for my setup that clears out the logs, and HUP's syslogd if anyone's interested. I personally have 'ls' on my system, but I wrote it with the assumption that it might not be there, since it's not by default..


    logdir=(`echo /var/log/*`)
    syslog=(`cat /var/run/`)

    for files in ${logdir[*]}
    cat /dev/null > $files

    # HUP "syslogd" to get new logs
    kill -HUP $syslog


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    How-To upgrade your TiVo

    How-To Upgrade your TiVo
    Although 2.5xtreme has a place, it really should be used on a needs-only basis. If you are just interested in recording capacity upgrades (making a large TiVo), you should be aware that 2.5xtreme does alter your OS and Prom and even if not using to circumvent paying for TiVo service, you may wind up being an unintented victim of potential future TiVo anti-hacking measures.

    So for those just looking for simple upgrade instructions:
    Here is a recording capacity upgrade How-To for relative newbies that incorporates the newest utilites for hopefully a quick and painless TiVo upgrade experience (includes Boot Cd and floppy instructions).

    Following the above guide you should wind up with a large TiVo (60 - 345 hrs) in around an hour or so. The instructions function for all series 1 U.S. and U.K. makes/models of standalone TiVo's and DirecTV/TiVo combo units (referred to as DirecTiVo's for this document).
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    NewB Guide Start to Finish the easy way

    If you hate having to search all throughout the dam newsgroups and try to get a simple answer from these guys who think its easier to give you a riddle rather then answer your simple yes or no or where to find questions... I have summed up my experience and directions in getting a Tivo up and running. You may want to read the entire post once before starting.

    For the Sony T60 Tivo
    - For upgrading the drive
    - For getting a free subscription
    - For fixing demomode
    - For adding a drive
    - For creating a serial cable

    1. Open your Tivo and take out the Hard Drive. Label it and put it aside somewhere. Thats your backup. Deal with it.
    2. Create a CD from the t60xtreme.ISO
    3. Buy a new drive 1 or 2 drives. Put the new drive in your PC as any of the following: IDE Primary Slave, IDE Secondary Master, and/or IDE Secondary Slave and follow the directions in the T60XTREME.TXT file.
    4. Make a serial cable. Take a 1/8" Stereo cable and a 9 pin serial cable and cut them. Break open the 9 pin connector and attach the following stereo wires to the back of the 9 pin serial cable pins.
    The outer wire -> Pin 5
    Tip Red Wire -> Pin2
    Middle Black Wire -> Pin3
    The red and black are non-standard so if it doesnt work at first swap them. If you look closely on the front of the 9 pin serial cable the holes are numbered.
    5. Connect it to the Tivo and your PC. Startup a terminal program (I like Secure CRT). Use 9600 8N1 no Hardware Handshaking.
    6. If your Tivo is on you should get a Bash prompt. Follow the directions in FixDemo.txt.
    7. While doing fixdeme also add a line for fixsup. Same line except replace fixdemo with fixsup.

    Installing Locals in the 900's
    1. Download the local script file from
    2. Put this file in the /bin directory on the Tivo
    3. Type "chmod +x 900s.tcl" and then a "chattr +i 900s.tcl"
    4. change to the rc.d directory cd /etc/rc.d and edit rc.sysinit file
    go to the end of the file for the edit and type:
    /bin/900s.tcl > /dev/null &
    just above the part that says: echo "rc.sysinit is complete"
    *Note: The 900s.tcl script can be edited if it is not running properly, some systems need a bigger sleep and delay to run correctly. Open or edit the 900s.tcl file if you have a problem and locate the lines that say:

    set sleep_for "5"
    set startup_pause "2"

    change to
    set sleep_for "7"
    set startup_pause "3"

    *Note: I had trouble figuring out the keys in Joe so I did Cat <filename> copied the buffer to notepad on my PC edited it then type "cat >" (no quotes) then paste the notepad text back. Then hit control D.

    - That should do it. You should be watching and recording at this point. The file is in this thread.

    - To add a second drive use the BlessTivo program on the CD.

    Hope this helps....

    Ok, the ISO doesnt fit so heres a link to it and fixdemo...
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    Make PPV Channels Free

    Originally posted by _Formula
    Well, I started looking into this problem (again) today. I was working on it awhile back, but once I got a version of PITOU that allowed advanced PPV purchases, I quit working on this. Now I'm running a different setup and I wouldn't want to purchase them even if I could. So here is my solution...

    This script is a less than ideal way to accomplish this. Unfortunately the TiVo stores this PPV flag in each showing instead of each channel. This makes it a little tougher to do, but the main problem with this is that the script will need to be re-run at an unknown interval.

    Since this script can't change data that isn't available yet, when 2 weeks are up, you'll probably run into a PPV showing that was added after you ran this script. I'm guessing it will need to be run every 2 weeks +/- a few days.

    I've seen quite a few posts about this, so hopefully this will come in handy out there. Also, every time you run the script, it will say it removed the PPV flag for a show even if it's already been removed.

    Let me know if anyone has any suggestions (like using a file to store stations like mvchannels does to speed things up).

    Updated archive (1.1) posted w/ 594-598 support
    Posted here for _Formula
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    26 Showcases and TivoMag

    This is PGM's Showcases and TivoMag fix!!!

    This fix can be ran from anywhere on the Tivo (I suggest putting it in your /bin directory and make sure to change chmod to 777 or something like that). This is a one time fix, no need to keep running it. This program does work with or without logs so don't worry about rmlogs or null logs.

    After executing this fix it takes about 24 to 48 hours to get the updates. Enjoy...


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    While I'm bored out of my mind waiting for TiVoApp to finish:

    Stuff to set up to ?easily? grab the video off of your dtivo (?TiVo?) all put into one tidy package.

    1) unzip the main archive
    2) rz/send the b2.tar.gz archive to your tivo / (root) directory
    3) gzip -d b2.tar.gz
    4) cpio -i -H tar -d -F b2.tar
    5) echo "/etc/rc.d/rc.turbo&" >>/etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit
    6) /tvbin/reboot

    when it comes back up, you should be ready to run tivoapp to extract your streams.

    --<-<@ oops forgot the ""s
    --<-<* oops again! I needed an extra & in rc.turbo.. it sometimes pays to test before posting.
    --<-<0 oops again again! she sleeps for 90 seconds now before running tivoweb because tivoweb wasn't loading right.

    BTW.. see the .txt in the .zip..
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    I would add one additional comment to the above instructions.
    The DTiVo is not very happy when loading Tivoweb with the ui.itcl file not being loaded first.

    In order to make this file load first you need to do the following.

    From the bash prompt change to the root

    cd /


    cd /tivoweb-tcl/modules


    mv ui.itcl 0ui.itcl

    this renames the ui.itcl file to 0ui.itcl

    the TiVo will now happily load tivoweb

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    Here is a variation of setting up bash serial cable using one of the cables available from the TiVo Store. These are the same cables that come supplied with S/A TiVos.
    See these cables here and here

    One has a DB9M connector. You can get 2 DB9F-RJ11 adapter kits to use a regular phone cord to connect to your pc serial port. These kits are available here or elsewhere. No soldering is necessary with these kits, all you do is push the pin on the end of the wire into the appropriate numbered hole in the DB9F part. The wiring is as follows:
    #1 DB9F-RJ11:
    #2 DB9F-RJ11
    It makes no difference which end is connected to cable or pc, i.e. they are reversable. But make sure your phone cable is a cross-over type which most premade cables are. I use the 50 ft phone cord that came with the DTiVo and it works fine at 57600 baud.

    The other type of TiVo supplied serial cable has a RJ14 modular plug which is the same type of plug that is on a phone handset cord. The RJ14 is a little smaller than the RJ11 but can still be used with 1 of the DB9F-RJ11 adapter kits if you can find the little plastic insert adapter that allows connection of a RJ14 plug to a RJ11 jack. I found these in an electonics supply store but you should be able to make shims for the sides of the RJ14 plug/RJ11 jack and get it to work. Here is the wiring:
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    Ok.. since there are a few guys here that are 'experts' and the rest of us poor souls are basically scriptkiddies with attitude.. let me give a rundown of a How to for TivoWeb.

    Its not perfect.. and It aint great, but it'll do.

    Please post corrections if neded.
    I have 2 systems up and running and I will also post my stupid mistakes as well.

    Tivoweb Installation:

    1 Download Tivoweb from
    make sure you get version:

    Tivo Web Project - TCL v1.9.3

    Now take that zip file (tar.. but unzippable in winzip double click it,
    and go to *Options *Configuration *Miscellaneous and uncheck tar file smart CR/LF conversion
    (Thats an important step)

    Unzip it to a driectory on your hard drive.
    Fire up a terminal program TeraTerm is recommended

    telnet to the Tivo via serial (dont use ehernet yet if you have it)

    Navigate to the hack directory

    cd /var/hack

    Make a directory called tivoweb-tcl

    mkdir tivoweb-tcl

    change to that directory and create a modules directory

    mkdir modules

    go to teraterm and choose
    *File *Transfer *ZModem *Send
    and naviagte to the directory you saved the zip contents to and go into the module subdirectory
    Choose the first file there and send it to the tivo.. continue for all files in the directory.

    Next (On the tivo) change directory levels up one

    cd ..

    Now go back to TeraTerm:
    *File *Transfer *ZModem *Send and move UP to the tivoweb-tcl directory (initial unzip directory on the PC)
    and send every file in that directory.

    Now you are done transfering files to the tivo...

    You should have the following files:

    In the tivoweb-tcl directory:

    In the Modules Directory:

    Now the fun begins...

    1. Change to the modules directory on the tivo
    cd modules

    2. Change the name of the ui.itcl file to 0u1.itcl (yes, a zero)

    cp ui.itcl 0ui.itcl

    now remove the original ui.itcl with:

    rm ui.itcl

    3. Change the permissions on the httpd-tt.tcl file

    cd .. (change back to the tivoweb-tcl directory)
    chmod u+x httpd-tt.tcl (make it executable)

    4. Run the server...
    ./httpd-tt.tcl &

    You should receive an "accepting conections" in about 1 minute or so

    If not see below:

    If you get:

    TiVo Web Project - TCL - v1.9.3
    The program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
    This program is licensed under the GPL.
    See the 'copyright' and 'README' files for copyright and credit information.
    Loading modules...
    Loaded 0 resource definitions
    no such object: CONFLICT err=0x00030007
    while executing

    Then you have not renamed the ui.itcl file correctly go back and make sure 0ui.itcl starts with a ZERO, and it is in the modules directory.

    If you get:

    oject - TCL - v1.9.2
    Loading modules...
    object not found (errNmNameNotFound)

    while executing
    "mfs find /GuideIndex/Program.key"
    ("uplevel" body line 3)
    invoked from within
    "uplevel $body"

    Then your missing a file.. start over.

    If you get other errors like the one above.. including 404 errors, you may have transfered a file in ascii format instead of binary.. or you did something to cause it to become a ascii file. either way use dos2unix to make all the files binary for linux file systems.

    If you get:

    bash-2.02# ./httpd-tt.tcl &
    [2] 184
    Vo Webbash: bash-2.02#: command not found
    Project - TCL - v1.9.3
    Loading modules...
    retrying after errTmActiveLockConflict ...
    Loaded 0 resource definitions
    Accepting Connections

    It IS working... But if you cant connect you will need to check

    1. Your ethernet setup, maybe bad cable.. bad turbonet card.. bad IP address setup

    My stupid mistakes:

    1. I renamed ui.itcl to 0ui.itckl .. where'd the K come from.
    2. I deleted the ui.itcl file.
    3. I forgot to rename the ui.itcl file
    4. I had a bad IP address set up
    5. I had a bad (off/on peice of crap) cable in my system (that took a LONG time to figure out)
    6. I transfered files after looking at then in notepad (thus making them ascii files)
    7. I didnt read everything
    8. And lastly, I put the files in the wrong F*****g directory

    If anyone has anything more to add.. feel free.
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    Using Xtreme CD with SCSI

    If youíre using Xtreme in a system that has a SCSI CD-ROM, you may have run into problems getting some commands to work. This is because the CD doesnít get mounted automatically like it does when attached to an IDE controller. Hereís a quick rundown on how to solve the problem.

    (Note, these are only examples from my system, the Xtreme CD does not have drivers for all SCSI adapters, so you may not be able to use this.)

    Boot the Xtreme CD and hit ENTER twice as you normally would. Now hold down the SHIFT key and press the UP arrow to scroll back and see the boot-up information. Youíre looking for something similar to this:

    scsi1 : Adaptec AIC7XXX EISA/VLB/PCI SCSI HBA DRIVER, Rev 6.1.5
    	  <Adaptec aic7880 Ultra SCSI adapter>
    	  aic7880: Wide Channel A, SCSI Id=7, 16/255 SCBs
      Vendor: QUANTUM   Model: FIREBALL ST4.3S   Rev: 0F0C
      Type:   Direct-Access                      ANSI SCSI revision: 02
    Detected scsi disk sda at scsi1, channel 0, id 0, lun 0
      Vendor: NEC       Model: CD-ROM DRIVE: 464 Rev: 1.05
      Type:   CD-ROM                             ANSI SCSI revision: 02
    Detected scsi CD-ROM sr0 at scsi1, channel 0, id 3, lun 0
    (scsi1:A:3): 20.000MB/s transfers (20.000MHz, offset 15)
    scsi1:0:0:0: Tagged Queing enabled.  Depth 253
    sr0: scsi-1 drive
    (scsi1:A:0): 20.000MB/s transfers (20.000MHz, offset 15)
    SCSI device sda: 8519216 512-byte hdwr sectors (4362 MB)
    sda: sda1 sda2

    Here you can see the CD-ROM is assigned the ID sr0, and the SCSI hard drive is sda, with two partitions; sda1 and sda2.

    Armed with this knowledge, you can now mount the CD-ROM using the command:

    mount /dev/sr0 /cdrom
    And if you have a SCSI hard disk that you want to use as the target for your backups, then you can mount it thusly:

    mkdir /mnt/dos
    mount /dev/sdaX /mnt/dos
    where X is the partition number to use.


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    How to build a call blocker for under $2

    This can be used to opt out of tivo knowing what you watch to prevent spamming, while at the same time using caller ID with greggregs elseed binary.

    Here is how I built mine. Although you probably can't harm much in doing this, its my understanding that tivo modems are very fragile, so its probably not for the average newbie to do. I haven't had any problems on any of my tivos. Do it at you rown risk, I am not responsible for any dammage you cause to anything or any person.

    Materials needed:

    - Some resistors, the most you should need is a total of 10k Ohm's (even that is way to much). I bought a 5 pack of 1/2 watt 1.5k Ohm 5% tolerance, costs 99 cents.

    - Two wire RJ11 cord. You can tell how many wires it has by counting the metal prongs on the ends. (4 works, just make sure you can identify which ones are the middle ones)

    And if you want to make it look neat (not absolutely necessary):

    - PCB material (preferably with pre perforated holes), costs about a dollar at rat shack.

    - Soldering material

    1. Get a phone that has caller ID

    2. Cut the two wire rj11 cord in half, strip both wires on both ends and tie one resistor between each of the wires. Use common sense throughout this entire process and make sure that none of the metal from the two wires touch each other.

    3. Plug that cord into the caller ID phone. Pick up the phone, if you get a dialtone, then add more restors. Repeat until you no longer get a dialtone, you just hear repeating clicking sounds.

    5. Get another phone thats plugged into a normal jack without resistors. Pick up that phone and listen for the dialtone. Once you hear it, pick up the phone that has the cord with the resistors and attempt to dial a number on it. The dialtone should remain after you dial. If not, then add another resistor to your set. (this ensures that even if tivo is set to not look for the dialtone, it still cant dial out because its power is way to supressed)

    6. Now test your caller ID somehow (eg wait for somebody to call in, call it with a cell phone, other line, etc). If it doesnt work, then you have too much resistance, remove a resistor try a smaller one, and go back to step 5.

    7. On your tivo, set the dialing prefix to *# (clear then enter on the remote), and make sure that 'check for line in use' is on, 'check for dialtone' is on, and set dialing method to tone.

    With everything in this configuration your tivo should never be able to make a successful call at all. To verify that, clear your logs, remove the subtest, perform the 'clear and delete everything' option, and force the daily call. (you dont want tivo to get any of your personal information now do you?) Even if tivo manages to dial out, he shouldn't be able to finnish the handshake.

    6k Ohms worked perfect for me. The more resistance, the better, just make sure that the caller ID always works with whatever you are trying.

    I cleaned up mine by tieing the resistors to the PCB material, soldering the phone wire to the ends, tieing the phone cords in a knot on both sides, and encasing it in a plastic box with holes just smaller than the knots.
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    wolkowh Guest

    Arrow How to DVD

    How to make a DVD from a program stored on a DirecTivo

    More info in the other Sticky

    Download This -

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    29 TurboNet install over serial bash W/ FTP on xtreme image!

    Posted here by request

    Since I had to manually add TurboNet to my box, I decided to share my experience....

    Rename the attached file "ax88796.0.txt" to "ax88796.0" and place it in a temp directory on your pc.

    at bash prompt:

    bash-2.02# cd /lib/modules
    bash-2.02# rz

    Now send the file "ax88796.0" from your pc with zmodem. This is the driver for Turbonet.

    Next, we need to copy a file.

    bash-2.02# cp /sbin/route /sbin/route.tivo

    Add to bottom of rc.sysinit with joe.
    Place the added lines after the line:
    echo "rc.sysinit is complete"

    bash-2.02# joe /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit

    # add Turbonet card support to DirectTivo With serial bash already running.
    # replace the IP adresses as needed...
    # example Tivo IP address =
    # example Network Mask =
    # example Default Gateway =

    tnlited 23 /bin/bash -login &
    insmod -f /lib/modules/ax88796.o macaddr=010203 timing=5
    ifconfig eth0 netmask up
    route.tivo add default gw

    (cntrl-k x) to end

    bash-2.02# reboot

    After the startup, you should be aible to see the Tivo from your PC


    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=255
    Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=255
    Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=255
    Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=255

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 0ms, Average = 0ms

    Then to grab a bash prompt from the PC:


    type "exit" to disconnect.

    NOTE: If your firewall/router has DHCP and you have other PC's on this router, you need to be certain to assign an I.P. address that is NOT conflicting with the DHCP area (usually - last segment of the I.P. address as : and up. I have a 4 port Linksys router with DHCP turned on, so I chose to use 105, as I can't conflict with the DHCP of the router. Alternate choices would be to use a final segment below 100. (I.E., also, your router may have itself assigned a static address as mine so don't double assign the address!

    NOTE: This FAQ does NOT add code to "automate" the communication between Tivo's servers and your Tivo. You will NOT have your tivo phone home with this example, unless you add additional code...

    Now you want to add FTP SERVER ability to your Tivo, because you cant use Zmodem to transfer files from your pc to the tivo when you are connected to a bash prompt over TivoNet!! It might work for a VERY small file 2k or less, but don't even try it!

    at your SERIAL bash prompt:

    Rename the attached file "tivoftpd.txt" to "tivoftpd" and place it in a temp directory on your pc.

    bash-2.02# cd /var/hack

    NOTE: if you have changed your "hack" directory to the root, you need to "bash-2.02# cd /hack" and change all references of "var/hack" to "/hack" within this example!

    bash-2.02# rz

    Now send the file "tivoftpd" from your pc with zmodem. This is the driver for FTP server. (File transfer server).

    Change file protection bits for the file you just sent to the tivo:

    bash-2.02# chmod 777 /var/hack/tivoftpd

    Optionally OPEN all files in your hack directory:

    bash-2.02# chmod 777 /var/hack/*

    This is what I do, to be certain all things there will not have a problem

    Add this to the very bottom of your rc.sysint file:

    #Start FTP
    if [ -x /var/hack/tivoftpd ]; then

    Now you need to reboot again, to get the FTP server running....

    bash-2.02# reboot

    After the box comes back up, lets move some files to the tivo....

    You can either use IE and be a lamer, or use a REAL FTP program.

    I prefer to use:

    BulletProof FTP client

    Being an FAQ:
    A simple way to can now use Internet Explorer to transfer files to and from your your tivo!

    Simply pop open a new IE window, and type in the URL area:
    "" (Based on my EXAMPLE I.P. address) and you should be presented with an explorer view of the root of your Tivo. you can transfer files either way with this FTP session, by simply dragging files from your pc, or the tivo to the PC!

    Thanks Jafa!! This is too easy!

    If you have troubles, There are more troubleshooting examples at:
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