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Thread: tytompg: Now with transport stream support, plus tstompg

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    tytompg: Now with transport stream support, plus tstompg

    Here's a new version of tytompg that also supports series3 TY/TMF streams. Ie series 1 thru 3 are supported in a single application.
    I've also included a separate application, tstompg which can be used to convert mpeg2 transport streams to mpeg2 program streams (.ts to .mpg). With tstompg one can still process series3 TY/TMF streams with s3tots and convert to .mpg later.

    tstompg may also be used in lieu of other ts to mpg conversion programs such as videoredo or hdtvtompeg2.

    tstompg uses the same multiplexer as tytompg, and so it's able to maintain a/v sync even when faced with the non-dvd compliant mpeg tricks found in some dtv/ota broadcasts.

    The existing UI for tytompg applies; there are two new options:
    -p Append to existing output file instead of overwriting
    -3 Assume source file is series 3 TY. This is necessary when the source file has been pre-chopped with tychopper or the like, or when the -s switch is used to skip over the master chunk.
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