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Thread: New to the D* DVR

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    New to the D* DVR

    I just got a new HR21-700. I have been and still am using the DTivo Philips DVR 6000 times 2. I was reading that a esata drive can be hooked up to the new DVR. I already need to send it back to D* because the HDMI port stopped working the same day that I put it into service. So I am looking into getting an esata drive to plugin and record to. My question is if I do plug in an esata drive with recordings and season passes, and I send the dvr back, will I be okay in plugging in the esata drive into the new dvr?

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    That has been answered in another thread in this sub-forum. I THINK the recordings will not be playable on a new HD-DVR, but read through the old threads and verify that.

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    Just like on TiVo, disks are encrypted with a key tied to the box that did the recording. They are unreadable by a different box.

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