First, when I am navigating through the live TV guide, how can I tell what programs are going to be recorded ? The problem is, I keep selecting programs to record, but in reality I have already scheduled them - I do not see any indication in the live TV guide that a show is already scheduled to be recorded.

Obviously there is a way to see this, since it would be absurd to not know from the live TV guide which shows are already scheduled to be recorded ... sorry for such a newbie question.

Second, is there some FAQ or forum somewhere where the channel late/early offsets are discussed ? I notice that some channels start their programs at 1 or 2 minutes late or early (as opposed to right at :00 or :30 on the hour) and rather than a lot of trial and error, I wonder if people are already pooling data like "MHDTV always started two minutes early" and so on ?

Are the channels generally very consistent as to their late/early offsets ? If I get in the habit of going 2 mins late on all network XYZ programming, can I just blindly do that forever, or should I expect them to change that offset frequently ?