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Thread: Extract mpeg2-ts directly from series 3

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    Extract mpeg2-ts directly from series 3

    Enclosed is a mips binary of s3tots and diffs to mfs_ftp which allow one to extract unencrypted recordings in mpeg2 .ts format directly. Ie no need to deal with extracting TY/TMF.
    The changes to mfs_ftp are minimal, causing it to invoke a wrapper to mfs_uberexport if one attempts to retrieve a .ts file.

    The wrapper in turn is a trivial, simply invoking mfs_uberexport and s3tots.

    To install:
    patch your mfs_ftp.tcl with the enclosed diffs, using patch.
    Place s3tots and mfs_tsexport in your mfs_ftp directory.

    I suggested this approach a few times in the past and received 0 feedback; this tool is meant as a fully functional proof of concept.

    Disclaimer: Minimally tested; warnings about any transmission errors are thrown out by mfs_ftp.

    Note that other servers such as dserver could leverage this same approach, not just mfs_ftp.
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