I have a new chipped/hacked s3 tivo.

All is well, but I have two minor questions ...

1. Is there a way to see how much space is free on the drive, from a command line standpoint ? (that I could then suck into a script ?)

Basically I am looking for a way to, at least approximate, the 'df' command ... doesn't need to be perfectly exact, I just want some rough idea of how much of my usable space is currently used/free.

2. After downloading shows via mfs_ftp, I would like to delete them as well - but not by hand. If I delete the .tmf file (with 'rm' or 'del' in ftp) will that confuse the tivo, or does that cleanly delete the show and all meta-data, etc., so that when I go into the UI I don't see the show anymore, and the tivo is not confused ?

Is there any danger in 'rm' from mfs_ftp ?