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Thread: Did this guy rip you all off or not?

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    Kinda drifting off topic here...

    I don't think that ghost will even see the partitions DannyBoy..

    Find and read "Hinsdale How-to", it will equip you quite well.

    If your refering to backing up the "prom".. I can't help you there... yet.

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    CCC Tivo 2.5g

    I have the image from CCC if anyone is interested! My co-work spent $330 to get it upgrade. It works great! I spent 1 day on this forum and mine works the same. Although, CCC says they protect the prom. I have a FTP site and would be willing to let about 4 or 5 people download the image as long as they know what to do with the image. The image is 1.4gb plus or minus some....

    Let me know..

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    well, I wouldn't really know what to do with the image, but I'd like to check out the rc.sysinit- any chance you could post that?

    just curious what changes CCC made to the init.

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    jquest1234 if you'll send me the address I'll take a look. My guess is they commented out a few script lines that take care of the update. I doubt they went through the trouble of modifying myworld to actually stop the updates. I would prefer that you post a gzipped version of the file as it will be smaller and easier to manage.


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