Before you say it, i already used the search box. I couldnt find the answer there.

I am looking for a semi-newbie answer about series 3 extraction. I sucessfully hacked my series 1 tivo with tivoweb and tytools 6r4 about 10 years ago when it first came out. I understand the basics of linux. I understand the kernal lock tivo has implimented and how i will need to re-prom my box to allow unsigned code to run.

So the question is, after i re-prom my series 3, what other hoops does tivo put in their boxes before I can reinstall tytools and get my video extraction to work again. I have read about other kernel hacks, unscramble-s2, etc but i do not see any specific, organised guide to what needs to be hacked after the prom, and with what tools. Many of you guys remember the series 1 was easy to hack, but from what i have read the series 3 is much more difficult.

If you could be polite enough to list what steps i need to follow after the prom hack, i will be nice enough to continue to research the specifics of HOW to impliment those steps.