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Thread: Line on screen with HDTivo .ty file

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    Line on screen with HDTivo .ty file

    Anyone ever see this before?

    If I extract a .ty file from my H10-250, and create an .mpg I get a 2-3 pixel high tan line at the bottom of the screen. I never had that before. I have 6.3f, but saw it with 6.3e.

    Get it with mfs_ftp or tysuitej.

    Doesn't seem to happen with OTA recordings.
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    This is a DTV thing. DTV broadcasts HD in 1280x1088i. (Hmmm. I smell a lawsuit, Jessica Simpson was claiming it was 1080i). They may crop the extra 8 pixels, or you may not see them on the TV due to overscan, but they are there. In short, this is normal.

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    dburckh is correct. it is fixable however by using hdpatch from this thread over at AVS.

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    Thanks guys! I thought it was something new happening.

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