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Thread: DirecTIVO programming help

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    DirecTIVO programming help

    I'm currently under contract for a year with Tivo for my Series 2 SA. I just got DirecTV and am trying to figure out a better way to integrate Tivo with DirecTV. Is there a DirecTIVO box out there that will integrate the DTV receiver and TIVO and allow me to use my TIVO contract (as opposed to paying DTV for the DVR service)? Also, can I use the card in my current DTV receiver?

    Now I just have the DTV receiver outputting to the Tivo box. The Tivo changes the channel using an IR blaster which is extremely annoying since it takes like 5 seconds to change the channel.

    I don't want to cancel my TIVO service ($150 fee) in order to combine the DTV receiver and TIVO. Suggestions anyone?

    Thanks in advance.
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    No. Your TiVo contract only can apply to Stanadalone units, which for DirecTV means a separate receiver, and single tuner. You just have to suck it up or pay the termination fee.

    My advice is to not watch Live TV, but from the Now Playing list.

    Any integrated DirecTV DVR (TiVo or otherwise) will be subscribed through DirecTV directly, separate from and Stanadalone TiVo subscription and commitment.

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    That's what I thought, unfortunately. Thanks for your reply.

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    Get a DirecTivo unit instead of the SA Tivo and STB combo setup. The DirecTivo costs $4.99 monthly for the mirroring fee, same as the standalone receiver. You'll pay an additional $5.99 monthly for the DVR fee but you can add unlimited DTivos to your account for just the one DVR fee. You will have to pay the mirroring fee for each additional DTivo, however.

    DTivos have dual tuners so you can record two shows at once or record one and watch another. They also record in Dolby Digital 5.1 whereas the SA Tivo can only record in stereo. DTivos also recoprd the digital data directly from the satellite so there's no D/A and A/D coinversion taking place that will degrade the image on the SA Tivo. You'll see the exact same quality as if you were looking at a live feed. You can pick up used DTivos on ebay for less than $50. Just make sure the seller actually owned the unit and that it wasn't leased or DirecTV won't let you activate it. Get the SN and Tivo Service No. and check with DTV before you make the purchase to confirm it's a viable unit.

    As for the SA model, you might want to try and sell it on ebay and list it as having a one-year pre-paid contract and try and recoup some of the cost through the sale. Continue making the payments until the commitment ends and then remove it from your Tivo account. Let the new owner know when the contract expires so they can make arrangements to have it activated under their name. This may not be the easiest solution but you'll have to pay a termination fee if you cancel early.
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