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Thread: H.264 Video from MPEG-II on a Series III

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    H.264 Video from MPEG-II on a Series III

    I posted this overon the "other" TiVo forum, but haven't had a lot of luck, so I'm trying here. Since the Series III TiVos are now supporting streaming H.264 video content, the next step is to convert my video library to MPEG-IV. I'm having some problems getting a playable MP4 / H.264 stream, however. I can get a great looking conversion with about a 40% space savings using the following:

    ffmpeg -i filename.mpg -b38810 -acodec copy filename.mp4
    but ffmpeg warns about the file not being playable, and although Nero will play the file, it won't play audio. The TiVo rejects it entirely. I've tried various permutations of the -ac switch, but it usually just croaks saying the codec is unsupported. Most of the material is 5.1 Dolby, originally recorded on the Tivo. How do I get this to convert to a TiVo-friendly h.264 format with 5.1 audio? Or any audio at all, for that matter. Virtually everything I try gives me:

    Unsupported codec for output stream #0.1
    or else if I use the copy tag:

    Warning, using MS style audio codec tag, the file may be unplayable!
    The few things which don't cause ffmpeg to croak totally result in a file either without audio at all, or that the TiVo won't play, or both. According to William McBrine, what he has gotten to play is h.264 video, AAC audio, in a Quicktime (MOV) wrapper, but I can't figure out how to get ffmpeg to produce that.
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