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Thread: Kickstart 57 loop

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    Kickstart 57 loop

    I had some reboot issues and tried a kickstart 57.

    It started the process and was chugging along for a while, then it rebooted and is now stuck in a GSOD loop.

    I feel like an ***** because the drive was otherwise functional, I could watch shows, it never had trouble booting, etc.

    My question is how do I get out of this GSOD loop from a user-initiated kickstart 57.

    I read some old posts about swap size and I actually haven't taken my drive out to figure out what I set it to originally. This is a drive expanded to 750GB.

    I just want to do a bunch of reading about this first before I do any more damage.

    I was thinking maybe I could write some bit somewhere to tell tivo to stop doing this kickstart 57 mfsfix.

    Alternatively I was thinking I could backup restore onto a new larger drive and expand the swap space to see if that was the issue.

    If I could get a kernel log, perhaps I could figure out what is going on, is there an easy way to do that?

    I was also thinking I could format one of the unused tivo boot partitions as swap and then add it as additional swap space in the root filesystem startup scripts. Can I just mount the root filesystem and make changes or will something even worse happen if I do that.

    Normally I do more research before I post, but really haven't looked at TiVos in 5 years, and figured someone could just give me some pointers what to look at or tell me I'm wasting my time.

    I had done some Tivo HD tests prior and it had checked out ok. I have a suspicion there is nothing wrong with the drive and I have just created the problem for myself trusting that kickstart 57 wouldn't cause any issues.

    Appreciate any help folks can give.
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