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Thread: Acronis 50% off Cyber Monday

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    Acronis 50% off Cyber Monday

    I haven't found this offer on Acronis' official site, so posting here as I understand this one works only through referrals.

    50% off True Image 2009 can be found here

    Valid until end of December 2nd.

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    excellent, i'd been considering getting that anyway. thanks

    btw, it's a one click referral, no personal information, "offers" or the like. just click on the link above, click on one link and you're at the purchase site that acronis uses for it's downloadable purchases.


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    Hello to all the members I don't know this information other wise I would first to do this. As It was 50 percent off. If your are having more information then please forward it to me.

    Paid Surveys

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