I had problems with mget due to a (now) known issue with mfs_ftp and mget. I have worked around this by using:

mget .*

However, in a /ts directory full of content, the mget keeps stalling out after 6 or 7 files.

But NOW, I see that it is the same file that it dies on every time, and further, even with a normal GET (not an mget) I cannot transfer that file off.

So it seems that I have a file that cannot be transferred using mfs_ftp.

Are there such files ? What aspect of this file makes it untransferrable with mfs_ftp ? What tools can I use on this file, while telnet'ed into the tivo, to get you more information on this file ?

Here is what happens when I try to transfer it:

ftp> bin
200 Type set to I
ftp> get file.ts
227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,0,11,12,32).
150 About to open data connection.
0 0.00 KB/s
421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection.
ftp: No control connection for command.

It has occurred to me that this might be a disk error, but ... I can skip through the whole show on the tivo with FF/REW and while I have not watched it through, it seems to be all there...