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Thread: VLC 9.8a plays all ty/ty+ files

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    VLC 9.8a plays all s1/s2 ty/ty+ files

    This might not be momentous news, or even news at all, but I just discovered it, and it has changed my life! For those of us with huge ty libraries this is Christmas morning revisited.

    A little background: For a long time VLC has been able to play earlier tivo ty files, but it was only a couple of years ago that the ability to play newer (roughly 2003+) ty's was developed, through drivers that worked only with specific versions of VLC. Every time a new VLC version came out, new drivers had to be written and the effort was understandably abandoned.

    The universal ability to play all ty files was added to the VLC 10.x (beta) core a year or so ago, but not retroactively included in the "official" 9.x release line. It was stated by the developers that it likely would never be included pre-10.x.

    At some point, and I have only now discovered it, that universal capability of playing all ty's has in fact become part of the 9.x official releases. For those of us who have various difficulties with the 10.x betas, this is great, because VLC is one of the nicest, simplest, most elegant all-purpose video players around.

    9.8a doesn't cope well with some HiDef, particularly 1020 mkv's, for that Plex continues to be my selection, but otherwise VLC is once again my player of choice.
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    Wow I gotta update my copy of VLC!

    Thank you for the post and background info.

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    I tried some S3 samples, and none of them worked. Perhaps "plays all ty/ty+" needs to be qualified with "S1/S2"?

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    Yeah, I just tried it on several .ty files from my TiVo HD, and it barfed all over them. It works fine on the same files after they have run through s3tots.
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    Um VLC is pretty much amazing.

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