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Thread: TyTool 10r4 No Now Showing List

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    TyTool 10r4 No Now Showing List

    I have searched the database, and I was not able to find my problem.

    I have Huges DirectV, Series 2, Ptvupgrade running on 6.2a. Last night, I succesfully installed the superpatch...
    patch -o superpatch-678all-NutKase-1.10a.tcl < superpatch-1.2to1.10a.diff.txt
    chmod 755 superpatch-678all-NutKase-1.10a.tcl
    ./set_mrv_name DTvTivo1

    After running the above, I set the server location in TyTool, and started Tserver. The server started, opened a small window wth text stating that it connected successfuly. However, when I click refresh to retreive the "now showing list", I get a "can not connect error below the now showing file window"
    Being new to this entire process, I have tried thnigs, but had no luck. What i don't understand is that I am able to telnet, FTP, and even start and stop tserver usinn Tytool, but I the error is stating it can not connect to the IP of the unit (


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    Have you tried the first file in this post?
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    I will take a look.


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    Check out the link in my tagline. It may help you. Be sure your firewall is turned off.
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