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Thread: online brokerage Bonus for opening new account

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    20 online brokerage Bonus for opening new account

    Scottrade is offering 3 FREE TRADES to people opening new accounts (new account means that you should not have held any individual or joint account with Scottrade previously). To receive the free trades bonus, you must be referred by an existing Scottrade member.

    If you'd like me to send you a referral code, just PM me your first and last name and valid email address. You may use the code or link I send you to open a Scottrade account online or at any Scottrade office location.

    Scottrade is a good choice if you wish to start investing in stocks or ETFs with a limited initial investment, since you can open a Scottrade account with as little as $500. Trade commissions are a reasonable $7 and, importantly, the customer service is very good in my experience. Scottrade also has a big network of physical (brick and mortar) offices, unlike many "online-only" brokerage firms.
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