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Thread: V1.4 of MFSLive released today, Feb 01, 2009

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    29 V1.4 of MFSLive released today, Feb 01, 2009

    From (which is also where you should download it from)

    Release Note:

    MFSLive Release v1.4 02-01-2009

    - Updated Linux Kernel and drivers so it will support newer hardware.
    NTFS read/write access and other file systems are added. With NTFS, there is no
    4 GB single file size limit so you should be able to create a full backup to a file
    on a NTFS formatted drive.

    - Patch to rescue TiVo drive with errors - patch submitted by terativo

    - Fixed Internal + eSATA drive backup on S3.

    - Fixd dd_rhelp - patch submitted by Overlook (

    - Added tpip tool (

    - Added /bin/bash (
    edit: Source code can be found here
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