I've been researching the drive building tools and flow for a THD, and still have not been able to clearly answer the above question.

I've found a lot of info on using WinMFS/MFSLive to get my current image (have original 160GB drive with a current 11.0k update applied) onto a 1TB (or less) drive and how to use those tools with JMFS to get 318 HD recording hours on a 2TB drive.

Also found info on some people who went to 2TB internal + 2TB external on a stock unit and only suffered a negative space reported bug right until they recorded past a 2TiB limit and then basically exploded.

I plan to use jamie's custom Gen06 kernal on my box and see it includes an improved IDE driver that move some 32 bit variables to 64 bit and likely overcomes many of the issues people have getting 2TB drives to work on stock THDs without the obscure MFSLive/JMFS process you have to use now.

I'd love to believe that this kernal would also allow > 2TiB recording space, but have serious doubts. There is a strong possibility of there being a 32 bit variable that indexes disk sectors somewhere in tivoapp or some other piece of software on the system that also breaks when you record past 2TiB.

I usually assume the answer is out there and I have not looked hard enough. But, in this case, it may be possible that data does not exist as affordable 2TB drives came out so much later than the THD.

So, is there any data or this question that I was unable to find or is it still unknown?