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Thread: End Goal - NO CCI !

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    End Goal - NO CCI !

    What's up.

    I have an Omikron PROM socketed TivoHD that I inherited from my brother - he paid for the hack but never did antying with it. My end goal is to be able to transfer files off to my pc (then convert to xvid (SD)/mkv (HD) and archive) as if there was no copy protection on the unit, no matter what the program. I don't really care about MRV - just TTG...

    Am I under the understanding that all I really need to do is - (I KNOW people will say this has been asked before a million times - however I spent about 4 hours today and a few days lurking and could not find this exactly question answered -=)).

    1. This first question is two pronged.
    .........(a)Can I just take out the hard drive in my current Tivo and replace it with a pre-imaged bigger hard drive - or I need to keep the stock hard drive in the unit? I have a 1 tb or a 1.5tb hdd that I can spare.
    or, (b) would I have to use the stock hard drive - so basically take it out, image it somehow (for backup/problem solution purposes), and then -

    2. Modify the kernel and disable the chain of trust checking on the root filesystem.

    3. Disable the CCI Byte
    4. Disable future updates from Tivo to protect it (is this ok to do?)

    If I can just get an image of another Tivo's Hacked HD that would be amazing, but if not I can figure out how to do the other steps.

    If I do this - will I be able to use the Tivo To Go (or whatever the application is called) as if none of the shows had flags at all?


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    1. a. yes, mfslive will let you copy your stock drive to a big drive. b. no, but lots of folks keep them around for a backup.
    2. yes, modify bootpage, replace kernel with Jamie's Gen06 kernel, modify
    3. yes, search for tvapppatch.
    4. yes. see bootpage info for blocking updates. You will need to re-hack whenever there is an update, but there are several threads around that explain how to do it without removing your drive from the Tivo.

    licensing for many of the hacks prevents selling pre-hacked tivos

    use pyTivo to put shows from the PC to the TivoHD. TivoDeskTop plus is a resource hog and pyTivo does a better job.

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