After using Movieloader on my directivo with sw 6.4a for a couple of weeks now, I hve run into a couple of issues that I can't seem to find answers to by searching the forums. I am also not sure if they are Movieloader issues or MFS_FTP issues... hence the post in this area instead of one of those threads...

I am converting VOBs to tmf using VideoReDo to convert to mpeg, ffmpeg with ty support to convert to ty, and finally ty+2tmf via perl to convert to tmf (3 steps).

My issues:

1. The inserted tmf files show a 0:00 duration in the NPL, but still play with the normal green bar at the bottom of the screen showing the correct duration during playback.

2. Is there a way to edit what data is rolled into the tmf file, before or after, using the pearl script? I can access the programs with TWP to edit basic info, but what about things like ratings? For example, I would like to make a R rated movie show up as "R", so my 7 year old doesn't "accidentally" watch an R rated movie I've inserted.

3. For some reason, the VOBs I've inserted play with a VERY slight (almost unnoticeable) amount of occasional (but repeatable) "glitches" in the video. I thought it might be one of my conversion steps, but I don't think I'm really altering the video stream in any of my steps... I use -acodec copy and -vcodec copy in my ffmpeg command line, and as far as VideoReDo goes, I simply load the VOB and go directly to "save as" and my settings for the output file are 4 MBits Bitrate for video and 224 Kbps bitrate audio (after reading the help file, I do not even believe these alter the stream, but rather are used if the input file has an unconventional stream going into it). This issue is really almost a non-issue, but I do not know if it is MFS_FTP related or not. I am hoping someone has seen this and knows where I need to go look for the source of the issue.

I appreciate your assistance and thoughts...