I played with the idea of reflashing the firmware of an off the shelf drive so that it reported the same info to the TiVo. I got distracted and forgot about it.

Today I saw this thread

The person seems to have got a 1TB expander by mistake before it was meant to be released to the market. It is being reported as an unsupported device,,, which is a good thing in my mind.

I have an idea which may not be correct but follow me. 11.0C just came out. I doubt TiVo is going to release another update soon. The 1TB drive has been in the works for a while. The person connected it and it says unsupported. This leads me to believe the supported drive list is not part of the OS but rather some entry in the database which is not protected by the Prom/Kernel. If that is the case you can see I am hinting at a script that could be run on the PC to add more drives to the list and allow "unsupported" drives to work on an unprommed unit.

In researching unsupported drives in the past most evidence points to the idea that the enclosure is nothing special and its just the drive firmware reporting a serial/model/secret number to the TiVO.

Can the experts chime in?