For various reasons, I would like to run my S3s without internal drives. With the THD, this is easy: one merely swaps the SATA jumpers inside the TiVo so the primary drive is external to the TiVo and the secondary drive is internal. With the S3, it isn't quite so easy, however, since the secondary drive connector is a bulkhead connector on the motherboard facing the outside of the TiVo, rather than a SATA jumper cable. Depending on the BIOS and possibly the kernel, it might be possible, however, to boot the S3 with only an external drive. Presumably if the TiVo behaves like an ordinary PC in this respect, then in the absence of a drive on the primary controller, the drive on the secondary controller would be assigned /dev/hda, and I would think it would work. Looking at the device map, however, it appears to me hot-plugging is not enabled on the TiVo, so it may not assign the drives dynamically, either, in which case it won't work.

By chance has anyone attempted this? Does anyone much more familiar with the mechanics of the TiVo than I have any comments?