I have an unsubbed Philips S1 TiVo I want to use to record videos from SD sources such as VCR tape. I have the unit attached to a Yamaha AVR as VCR2, taking it's input from the recording jacks of the AVR and sending its output to the VCR2 input jacks. Of course, I can always switch the AVR over to the TiVo output, use the TiVo remote to start a manual recording of sufficient duration to cover the entire source video, switch the AVR back to the source, start the video, and then wait for the manual recording to end before moving on. This is rather clumsy, however. What's worse, I have a Series III TiVo collocated with the S1, and remote confusion ensues.

What I would like to do is cover up the IR port of the S1 and simply start and stop recording with a simple pair of tcl scripts, say recstart and recstop. (Of course it could even be a single script using $0 and a pair of soft links, or $1 and a pair of aliases.) I am not an expert in tcl, but I think I have enough of an understanding to cover this. What I don't know at all is how I could control the recorder to force it to start and stop recording on cue. Can anyone point me to a reference?