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Thread: Updated 51Killer for 8.x+ Software (S2 & S3)

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    Updated 51Killer for 8.x+ Software (S2 & S3)

    As many of you are aware, if you move a hard drive from one tivo to another, or restore a backup image from one tivo to another, you'll be stuck with the Error #51 afterwards. Several years ago, AlphaWolf posted 51killer.tcl, which simply removed a single mfs attribute, thus clearing the message without having to do a "Clear and Delete Everything."

    Since 8.x software however, things have changed, and this approach is no longer complete. There is a new value tied to recording encryption that needs to be removed as well. The updated 51killer.tcl attached below addresses this issue.

    However, the current tivoapp patch to circumvent encryption does not affect all Drm objects in a recording, such as Drm signatures and CopyProtectionInfo on some streams. If you run the new 51killer.tcl and reboot, your tivo will delete any recordings that have signatures that are tied to the old tivo, ie : all of them.

    These tivoapp patches bypass the checks on the recordings' Drm signatures, allowing them to be played on the new tivo, after running the updated 51killer. If you have no shows on the tivo, you don't need these patches.

    0x0056b74c	"1200ffaf 1000ffaf"
    0x00598c4c	"1200ff87 1000ff87"
    0x005a2080	"1200ffaf 1000ffaf"
    0x00565b04	"1200ff87 1000ff87"
    WARNING: If you use this 51killer.tcl script after moving your drive to another tivo, you MUST apply these tivoapp patches BEFORE rebooting. Otherwise your shows are toast. If you have anything on there you really care about, then I'd recommend to just extract it and be done with it, in case you ever boot with an unpatched tivoapp. These patches would also need to be applied each time a software update occurs to avoid losing the shows that were recorded on the previous tivo.

    Props to tivo4mevo for the tivoapp patches, I'm only a guinea pig The script/patches have been very mildly tested, so again I suggest extracting any important recordings in case you make any mistakes along the way. Enjoy.
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