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Thread: PTVupgraded TIVO 1 backup

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    PTVupgraded TIVO 1 backup

    I have a TIVO 1 with dual drives and lifetime sub. Recently I received the "serious error" and GSOD. It never recoverd from it ! I replaced the two drives and its working Ok now. However, I have a lot of programs on the older drives that Iwould like to save. The drives are OK, so the s/w on the old drives must be messed up. I tried WINMFS, trying to copy one drive ata time but had no luck. mfscopy starts but stops within a few secs.

    Is it possible to backup these two drives and whatis teh best way to do this. I can attach an extrenal USB drives/drives to the system if needed but not sure how WINMFS works with that.

    Thanks for your response.

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    This method worked for me:

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