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Thread: Need a Philips HDR31203 SW version 3 image

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    Need a Philips HDR31203 SW version 3 image

    The modem died on my Tivo and was replaced with an external serial modem. My hard drive died and I only had an SW version 2.0 backup image that does not have external modem capabilities. I bought Instantcake, but it installed "Net ready Turbonet/Cache Card" drivers. Now the serial port can not be used by the serial modem. I need a backup image for a Philips HDR 112, 212, or 312 SW version 3.0 without "Net ready" features. Can any body help?

    Thanks in advance.

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    This post belongs in the image begging thread in the newbie forum, not the files forum. Mods, please move it.

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