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Thread: Tivo 2 Question

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    Tivo 2 Question

    Just curious.. I have a tivo series 2 (cable). I have been able to record on it with no problems but my son hooked hone line in and now it wont let me record. I could record without sub before and trying to get back to that. any info would be appreciated. Thanks

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    First, this is posted in the wrong section. Please look at the section title before posting. It just creates more work for the moderators if they have to move threads to the correct location.

    Getting a Tivo to work without a paid subscription is against forum rules and is not supported. You may have been able to get away without a paid subscription for a while but it was obviously subscribed at some point. Otherwise, you would not have been able to get it to record at all.

    You need a phone line connected in order to get guide data. Once the guide data runs out you will no longer be able to record scheduled shows or season passes. You can only record manually. When your son connected the phone line, it checked with Tivo Central to verify your subscription status. When it found that your Tivo was unsubscribed, it changed the status of the Tivo and disabled the record function as well as the rest of the Tivo features that will only work with a paid subscription.

    Your only recourse to get the Tivo to record is to pony up the subscription fees.
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