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Thread: Tivo Series 3 & fixup

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    Tivo Series 3 & fixup

    I am running two Dtivo T60s with a lifetime tivo sub and I am planning to add a Series 3 HD to pickup a couple of local OTA stations. I don't feel it is fair to pay Tivo again as Tivo claims that I paid Directv for the life time sub and Directv claims that the fees went to Tivo ( I pay a DVR fee on my HR21 pro as well).

    Has any one tried the fixup script on a series 3 unit? Does it need modification?

    P.S. It is not my intent to cheat TiVo as I have already paid them. If this post is breaking any forum rules, I apologize in advance.


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    a lifetime sub via directv has absolutely nothing to do with a standalone tivo, therefore tivo will not acknowledge or honor it as a true lifetime sub

    the original fixsub script won't work for setting the necessary variables to allow manual recording on an s3 without a sub (manual recording is as good as you'll get with no sub unless you find a way to insert your own guide data)

    discussion of service circumvention on sa tivo's isn't really a topic for discussion here
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