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Thread: HD-DVR advise

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    HD-DVR advise

    I have had 2 series 2 dtv tivos for about 4 years now. Im separated and they ex agreed to keep paying for dtv as long as I paid for some other stuff. I took one of the boxes and been using it that way for a while. Now I got a hdtv last week and want to watch dtv in hd. Will a HR 10-250 be the way to go? I dont want to get one of those dtv hddvr and hook for another 2 years. My tv is 52" 1080p lcd so it is important for the box to be able to output to 1080 via hdmi. I also want to be able to hack the box with all of the tivo hack that I have in my series 2 tivo dvr. So, what do you guys recomend?

    PS - Heard that DTV is coming back with a tivo HD-DVR and I will wait till then to get one of those once they are hackable.
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    See my reply in your duplicate post.

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