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Thread: tytools 10r4 now showing question

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    tytools 10r4 now showing question

    Question about tytool 10r4 my now showing list..

    When using tytool i hit refresh to get the now showing list .. but it only shows maybe 20 of the 150 or so shows.. I think i know the reason .. if i have a tivo with shows that were say transferred from another tivo using the usual way from tivo to tivo .. and then i list those shows , if the list contains aly of the transferred shows it dumps out with only a partial list .. if i remove that show that was transferred to it then it seems to show the entire list in tytools .. but i have a tivo with many transferred shows so its not just one or a few shows ..

    Hints on where to start with a solution.. i thought editing the tytool.ini file and change some of the settings , i thought of adding more fields ,, not sure where to look .. i do have cyphercheck installed on the tivo , so i get a full list of shows from a telnet window by typing "cypercheck" and it spits out all the names of the shows , its just tytool10r4 thats only giving me a partial list , say 10 or 20 out of over 200 shows ..

    Any tips or help i have had this problem for some time now..

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    too funny...

    you sell "pre-hacked" tivo's and offer "free tech support", but can't even pose an intelligent (read:detailed) question to the forum whose software you've abused? link

    I feel bad for your customers...

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