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Thread: No HDMI output on THD

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    19 No HDMI output on THD

    HDMI used to work, but then I plugged in a component cable so I could have two TVs connected. (Not for watching concurrently, just to be able to watch TiVo on either one whenever I wanted.) Something about plugging in the component cable caused the HDMI to stop working. I called TiVo support and they said that if a component cable is plugged in, the HDMI output won't work. I told them that even after unplugging the component cable, the HDMI output still doesn't work. They want me to send it in for service. That seems ridiculous to me. It *was* working. I seriously doubt that plugging in a component cable would cause an HDMI hardware failure. This seems like more of a system software issue. I tried doing a hard reset ("clear everything and start over") but that didn't resolve the problem. I'd really appreciate any help.

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    Spontaneous failure of the HDMI output on THDs appears to be a known issue. (Well documented on TiVoCommunity forums.) But I don't think this is a hardware issue... When I do a restart, the HDMI output is functional until it gets past the Welcome screen, so obviously not a HW problem.

    I sent an email to the CEO at TiVo, complaining about this (and pointing out that they are treating long-time customers very poorly. I've been a TiVo customer longer than Tom Rogers has been their CEO!) My email resulted in a call from someone in "Executive Relations". I reiterated to her that because this is a known issue, they should be taking care of the problem regardless of warranty status. She agreed to make a "one-time exception". They are exchanging my THD and transferring my lifetime subscription to the new unit at no charge. Free shipping (and free return shipping of my old unit, too.)

    Still a pain to lose all my recordings and have to reenter all my season passes, etc. but all's well that ends well, I guess.

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    I have *2* THD units and BOTH have Component and HDMI working simultaeneously

    Never had a problem.

    TivoHd #1 connects hdmi to a tv and component to a component switchbox to a Hauupauggue HDPVR, and even have SD output (composite) hooked up to a RF Modulator for whole house viewing

    TivoHD #2, connects HDMI to another TV and Component to a Slingbox. Pro

    I'd say they are wrong, ALL output are active on a TivoHD

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    Ok that helps a lot...Luckily I did a good enough soldier job that none of my pads were lifted...but yeah it just says in the instructions to check the pins with an ohm meter, now I understand exactly why (to make sure the pins aren't soldered to their neighbor)...I'll check my solder joint again and use the ohm tester to see if there are neighbor shorts, should I check for any other shorts? If I keep having troubl I'll post some pics up here for public scrutiny...

    Also is it safe to say that the fact that my hdd and network lights fire up is a good sign all hope is not lost yet?

    Thanks a lot for your help guys and gals...once I can do this once successfully I will probably do a video how to that answers questions I'm having now (once I answer them myself)

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