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Thread: Needed: s3 PROM

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    Needed: s3 PROM

    (Forgive the cross-post, but since the posting in the for-sale area is not an area many would frequent to SELL something, I figured aking here is legit. If no, please forgive me.)

    Note: ** Not ** looking for anyone to otherwise pre-hack my box for a fee.


    Looks like I may have missed the last opportunity to get in on Omnicron's excellent support of the community with his PROM service.

    I have S3 two boxes in need of flashing. If you purchased a PROM from Omicron for self installation, but ended up not moving forward with it, I would be interested in purchasing it from you.

    If you have the install skills, I would be especially interested in talking to you.

    I'm also willing to purchase a box with the PROM already installed, if you have moved on to other things.

    Also note: Offers from persons with no post history prior to my message here will be eyed very carefully. I'm in need, but not gulliable or otherwise subject to Jedi Mind tricks. If you're a reguilar lurker though, we can still talk, just understand I'll be extra cautious.

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    Need it too...

    I am getting my first tivo hd xl. Does any one still offers PROM kits or service? Please...

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