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Thread: The Series4 (TiVo Premiere) Development Thread

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    The Series4 (TiVo Premiere) Development Thread

    General Information

    So, the Series4 has been been announced, and it looks like it's got some new hardware under the hood. According to Dave Zatz, the platform is powered by the BCM7413 SoC. Like the chips used in the Series3 platform, this SoC probably has an integrated on-die PROM. In the Series3 platform, it wasn't used and TiVo continued to use their legacy external PROM system, thus allowing us to physically toy with with it and break the chain of trust. If TiVo finally moved the PROM on-die, I fear the hacking community very well may be dead for future platforms.

    If it's still stored on an external flash chip, we may still have a fighting chance.

    I will definitely be picking up a unit as soon as it hits the shelves, and if it has an external PROM, I'll post what info I can get. For now, I've started this thread to begin discussions.

    Anyone who wishes to donate money to go towards purchasing development hardware can do so here: DONATE

    If you wish to donate via Bitcoin, BTC donations may be sent to: 1NMneWDPS54qb6f5R2YGCVWUvfQg2nsG8Z

    If successful, anyone who donated money will be able to apply their donation towards a DIY PROM kit should they become possible.

    News Updates

    04/02/10: All major parts have been either ordered or received.

    03/25/10: tivo4mevo pointed to a great preliminary review that allows us all to take a peek at what's under the hood. Check it out here:

    03/30/10: Enough donations came in to cover the cost of some sockets and test chips, so they've been ordered. Still a bit away from the socket adapter needed for programming, but there are other things to look at while we're all waiting. :-)

    02/13/13: Focused development has resumed. Let's see if we can keep the momentum going. I should probably re-write this first post with the latest info at some point. :-)
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    TiVo Series4 Premiere Development HERE

    Do you have a PROM related question? Check HERE and HERE before sending me a PM. Any questions that have already been answered will be deleted if sent via PM.

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