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    PROM Socketed!

    Alright, it's been quite the long day, but it's now come to an awesome and eventful close.

    As I already had mentioned previously, I already managed to remove the original PROM from the board via Chip Quick (grrrr) and cleaned the pads.

    The short of it is while my TiVo lay in pieces on the counter, the frustration of not being able to solder the TSOP socket on grew. As a I mentioned previously, the official means for attaching this socket are a blend of costly and exotic, with varying degrees of each depending on the solution you select.

    Being the stubborn hacker that I am, I determined to find a way to mount the socket but the Meritec documentation has many warnings about attempting to hand-solder the socket with normal tools. These warnings were not unfounded, as I found through initial attempts that soldering the socket through "normal" means was quite difficult indeed.

    After much ruminating on the idea, and pacing around the kitchen, I decided to try an old glue! I figured if I carefully aligned the socket and tacked down the edges, I could try flooding the pins with flux and running solder along the edges.

    So I went ahead and grabbed a fresh TSOP socket, very carefully aligned and centered the pins, and tacked four blobs of glue on the corners.

    At this point I realized that I didn't have very good lighting and I couldn't easily get access to the pins, so I clipped on some trusty Photon Freedom lights to the edges of the motherboard.

    As you can see, the light looked funny, but the light was there where I needed it, which was the left and right sides.

    From here I flooded the pins and the board with a no-clean flux pen and made sure to get good coverage. I then tried to carefully apply solder along the pins. Unfortunately, I managed to bridge together most of the pins in the socket together, so my next task consisted of carefully taking an ultra-thin desoldering wick and removing excess solder from between the pins. It was long and tedious work, but eventually I had both sides soldered and free of bridges.

    Unfortunately I nicked the edge of the socket with my soldering iron and melted some of the plastic. ::sadface::

    Burn marks aside, the socket was now soldered! I carefully removed the blobs of cooled glue with some tweezers cleaned up the area visually inspected the connections to look for any bridges that I had missed or other debris. All clear!

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