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    After three perfect attempts on useless boxes, I freaked screwed up and lifted pad #25 on my Tivo HD. It is pretty much is completely gone. Big white space where the pad was.

    Is there anything I can do to salvage this? There is the tiniest little trace 1mm or so that leads to the former pad. Unfortunately from there it ends in a hole (via?) without copper around it, and then assume it goes under the board to elsewhere.

    I've seen this post by cartouchbea

    indicating I assume it leads to resistor "B6" (his legend).

    I'm assuming my only hope here is to redo the socket (minus the bad pin) and fold it up, and then run a wire to that resistor? Only, I don't even know which side, if that is even possible.

    I saw some comments on another post here somewhere that talked about running a wire (from an old IDE cable -- very thin) into on those holes (via is the term, right).

    I'm so mad and tired, I'm just going to end this post for now. ANyone who can give advice would be appreciated.

    (of course, this is my lifetime box). Grrr...
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